A Dangerous Goodbye – Fliss Chester

— Disclaimer: this is a long one! Please have the patience to read until the end! — In Fliss Chester’s first attempt at a cozy historical mystery, Fenella Churche, puzzle and crossword enthusiast, is trying to find out what happened to her fiance, Arthur, who, like many others, never came home from the war. UnlikeContinueContinue reading “A Dangerous Goodbye – Fliss Chester”

Rules of Murder – Julianna Deering

Rules of Murder by Juliana Deering introduces readers to Drew Farthering, an upper-class owner of a oil-processing plant in the 1930’s. He’s just come home from the Italian Riviera, and is looking forward to spending some time with his stepfather, mother, and learning the family business. However, he doesn’t really get the chance as duringContinueContinue reading “Rules of Murder – Julianna Deering”

A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder – Diane Freeman

A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder was published in 2018, and it has the plot flow of a more modern historical mystery book (you can kind of get a feel for which books have been written in 2000 or later, due to their action sequences, terminology, romantic interests, etc.). This novel was thoroughly captivatingContinueContinue reading “A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder – Diane Freeman”