The Apothecary Rose – Candace M Robb

I’ve stepped about 500 years back in time from my normal historical mystery eras of Victorian and Regency to the 1300’s in York, England. The Apothecary Rose followed Owen Archer, a one-eyed former-army-captain-turned-spy, assigned to investigate the death of one of the Archbishop’s wards. Initially, I was not excited about beginning this book as IContinueContinue reading “The Apothecary Rose – Candace M Robb”

After the Armistice Ball – Catriona McPherson

This is the first book that I’ve read by Catriona McPherson, and I will probably read the second. Pilots are always hard for me, whether they’re a TV show or novel, because of the time it takes to set up the characters and atmosphere. Sometimes a first novel isn’t representative of the rest of theContinueContinue reading “After the Armistice Ball – Catriona McPherson”

Malice at the Palace – Rhys Bowen

In the tenth installment of the Royal Spyness series, Bowen delivers a novel that I concluded with mixed feelings. The mystery was average, at best, but I was totally sucked into Lady Georgianna Rannoch’s personal life and feelings. As I’ve now read ten of her novels, I’ve concluded that Bowen does an extraordinary job withContinueContinue reading “Malice at the Palace – Rhys Bowen”

The Devil in Music – Kate Ross

It took me three days to finish this book, and the only reason it took me that long was because I only had time to read in the evenings! It’s a pity when anyone passes away, but the loss of Kate Ross has done the literary world, especially, a great disservice. The Devil in MusicContinueContinue reading “The Devil in Music – Kate Ross”