The Proposition – Madeleine Roux

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC of The Proposition by Madeleine Roux in exchange for an honest review. While not the most sensible of books, it was entertaining and had a decent romantic plot. I give this novel three out of five stars.  Clemency Fry has always forsworn marriage, following the advice of a feminist authorContinueContinue reading “The Proposition – Madeleine Roux”

The Other Side of Silence – Dodie Bishop

Although I receive most of my ARC titles from NetGalley, I also belong to another review site called BookSirens, which I often forget to look at. I found The Other Side of Silence by Dodie Bishop on BookSirens, and am so glad I did. I ended up really enjoying this novel and was surprised atContinueContinue reading “The Other Side of Silence – Dodie Bishop”