Murder at the Mikado – Julianna Deering

Murder at the Mikado, the third novel in the Drew Farthering mystery series, has not transformed into the series-saver that I’d hoped. I thought the first one was okay (see my Rules of Murder review), and I didn’t review the second one for you all as I didn’t think it was worth writing about (toContinueContinue reading “Murder at the Mikado – Julianna Deering”

A Pretty Deceit – Anna Lee Huber

You should be familiar with Anna Lee Huber’s name if you’ve read some of my earliest reviews (Lady Darby), and I reviewed the first book in her Verity Kent series (This Side of Murder). I have never (a strong word, but true!) been disappointed by a Huber novel, and the fourth installment in the VerityContinueContinue reading “A Pretty Deceit – Anna Lee Huber”