The Tainted Cup – Robert Jackson Bennett

Wow, this was an unexpected treat! I was very excited to be offered The Tainted Cup by the publisher – my first of many, I hope. Usually, I am solicited by the authors themselves, which is equally fantastic. The Tainted Cup is outside of my usual historical mystery/romance genres, and in the related fantastical mysteryContinueContinue reading “The Tainted Cup – Robert Jackson Bennett”

Jack Haldean Appreciation Post – Dolores Gordon-Smith

Advisory: This post will include a lot of fangirling, so if you need a TL/DR: Read this series.  I started A Fete Worse Than Death in 2020, believe it or not. I’d added it to my TBR a while before that but, like the Ursula Blanchard series, avoided it because I wasn’t a huge fanContinueContinue reading “Jack Haldean Appreciation Post – Dolores Gordon-Smith”