Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens – Andrea Penrose

4/5 Stars HELLO WREXFORD AND SLOANE! Whew! I was so worried that we wouldn’t hear any more from them after their engagement. I’m so happy they’re continuing to solve scientifically-based crime. In Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Lord Wrexford is ready to introduce Lady Charlotte Sloane to society as his fiancee, a complicated enoughContinueContinue reading “Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens – Andrea Penrose”

A Deadly Endowment – Alyssa Maxwell

In the latest installment of the Lady and Lady’s Maid mystery series by Alyssa Maxwell, Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her maid Eva Huntford are enthusiastic about opening the Renshaw family estate for tours. However, the rest of the Renshaw family has some misgivings, which are soon realized beyond their expectations when a tour guest isContinueContinue reading “A Deadly Endowment – Alyssa Maxwell”