Locked in Pursuit – Ashley Weaver

Usually, when I want to knock some sense into a character, I’m reading a dubiously written romance novel, not a well-written mystery by a great author; yet, here I am. Although a great story with a twisty ending, Electra McDonnell has never frustrated me as much as she has in her latest release, Locked in Pursuit. I think it’s a testament to Weaver’s writing that Ellie has caused me so much frustration!

Ellie McDonnell hasn’t heard from Major Ramsey in months. After noticing some strange undercurrents in the safecracking underworld, she decides she has nothing to lose by visiting to drop him the information. She’s surprised when Ramsey admits to needing her expertise, and it’s connected to her information. As she and Ramsey follow up with the info, it turns out that they can’t let sleeping dogs lie, and matters with Felix finally come to a head.

**Disclaimer: If you’re thinking “Who’s Ramsey? Who’s Felix? I suggest you start this series from the beginning. They can be read as standalone novels, but are better if you go in order!

Let’s talk plot: it was good. The villain, in the end, is one that I didn’t see coming. Ellie and Ramsey must employ all their skills (sneaking, safecracking, and glamorous personalities) to track down the guilty party and prevent damage to the British empire. 

Okay, now that we’ve got the plot out of the way, let’s talk ANGST AND FRUSTRATION:

Ellie, for some godforsaken reason, keeps hiding things from the major. And, hiding things from the major. And, hiding more things from the major. The outcome, as you can probably guess, is not good. It is also not surprising. Ellie felt that she didn’t (or shouldn’t) have to keep the major informed of her activities…typical of the self-sufficient, proud woman she is. And she should be proud and self-reliant, especially in wartime when nothing is certain, but she should also be trusting. 

Major Ramsey has always indicated that he is a man to be trusted, and I think he deserved better from Ellie in this book. She walks away devastated, at the end, and then decides not to trust him some more. Like, what are you doing, girl?? Dig yourself into a deeper hole, why don’t you? The major has never once mocked, ridiculed, or antagonized her over something she’s told him. He treats her with respect and professionalism, which is more than women normally got in the 1940’s, even without being former criminals. In case you can’t tell, I am offended on the Major’s behalf. No wonder the book ended like it did. (I am trying not to give away spoilers, here!!)

**Deep Breaths**
Okay. Whew. Glad I got that out in the universe. As usual, the entire book was entertaining and a great read. If readers find themselves going “WTF, Ellie” at certain points, I can sympathize. It’s an action-packed installment in the Electra McDonnell series, and I cannot wait to read the next one. I am waiting with bated breath and some trepidation. If you’ve read and enjoyed the series so far, I think you will like this one. Let me know what you think!

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