Unladylike Rules of Attraction – Amita Murray

Anya Marleigh is a musician in Queen Charlotte’s court. Despite her half-Indian heritage, she’s respected for her angelic voice and musical talent. She’d been hired by the recently deceased Dowager Countess Budleigh for private singing engagements and thought they had a pleasant business relationship – until she found out that the dowager had willed herContinueContinue reading “Unladylike Rules of Attraction – Amita Murray”

Locked in Pursuit – Ashley Weaver

Usually, when I want to knock some sense into a character, I’m reading a dubiously written romance novel, not a well-written mystery by a great author; yet, here I am. Although a great story with a twisty ending, Electra McDonnell has never frustrated me as much as she has in her latest release, Locked inContinueContinue reading “Locked in Pursuit – Ashley Weaver”