Sweet Poison – David Roberts

After crashing his car on the way to his brother’s informal gathering of influential men, Lord Edward Corinth is rescued by communist reporter Verity Browne, who happens to be nearby as she’s interviewing his sister-in-law, the Duchess of Mersham, the next day. As they’re disastrously late, and Edward was supposed to mitigate some tension atContinueContinue reading “Sweet Poison – David Roberts”

Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder – T.A. Willberg

Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder was a bizarre novel that easily could have been several hundred more pages. T.A. Willberg introduces us to a post-WWII London where Miss Brickett’s Bookshop is actually just a front for London’s most secret, underground, and innovative detective agency. Housed in tunnels rumored to have been built by alchemistsContinueContinue reading “Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder – T.A. Willberg”