The Lazarus Curse – Tessa Harris

I’ve just put down The Lazarus Curse by Tessa Harris; it’s the fourth book in the Dr. Thomas Silkstone mysteries. Although a bit dark – even darker than Sebastian St. Cyr, at times – this was a gripping read that I wanted to follow through until the end.  Dr. Thomas Silkstone, quasi-betrothed to Lady LydiaContinueContinue reading “The Lazarus Curse – Tessa Harris”

The September Society – Charles Finch

I once read several reviews for this novel that described it as predictable and a disappointment compared to the first book in the series, A Beautiful Blue Death, which is why it’s taken me so long to pick it up. I figured I should give this book a shot because reviews aren’t everything – itContinueContinue reading “The September Society – Charles Finch”

Uneasy Lies the Crown – Tasha Alexander

I am almost caught up to the current Lady Emily novel! This is the 13th in the Lady Emily series, and it doesn’t disappoint. I’d commented in my review of a previous novel, A Terrible Beauty, that it felt like Alexander was revisiting old ground, and I had mixed feelings about that novel. Not soContinueContinue reading “Uneasy Lies the Crown – Tasha Alexander”

Murder at the Columbarium – Emily Gallo

I was contacted by Emily Gallo to read and review her novel Murder at the Columbarium. Yes, I did have to look up what a columbarium was, and it’s a neat concept of a building that houses urns and memorials to those deceased. This story is set in the San Francisco columbarium, which is aContinueContinue reading “Murder at the Columbarium – Emily Gallo”