A Brilliant Deception – Kathleen Fuller

“A Brilliant Deception” is anything but. The plot is thin, the romance weak, and the characters stereotypical. The upside is that it’s fairly short, so you won’t have to spend a ton of time not liking it – I read it in two-ish hours. I have to give Fuller a little bit of leniency, here,ContinueContinue reading “A Brilliant Deception – Kathleen Fuller”

Murder at Half Moon Gate – Andrea Penrose

We first encountered the duo of Lord Wrexford and Charlotte Sloane in their first adventure, where they teamed up in order to clear Lord Wrexford’s name of a murder he didn’t commit. Wrexford knows that Charlotte is the person behind the infamous A.J. Quill political cartoons, her most valuable secret. Between Wrexford’s scientific knowledge andContinueContinue reading “Murder at Half Moon Gate – Andrea Penrose”