Touchstone – Laurie R. King

Brought to us by the esteemed author of the Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell series, Laurie R King introduces Touchstone, a borderline thriller-mystery. I will admit up front that I’ve never read any Laurie R. King before, so this is my first exposure to her writing style. I’ve been debating about trying the Mary RussellContinueContinue reading “Touchstone – Laurie R. King”

Vienna Waltz – Teresa Grant

Vienna Waltz by Teresa Grant is 400+ pages, and, man, does it deserve that volume. This is the first novel in the Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch series, and it does an exquisite job introducing readers not only to the characters of Malcolm and Suzanne, but other, more minor, characters as well. Despite its length, eachContinueContinue reading “Vienna Waltz – Teresa Grant”

The Reek of Red Herrings – Catriona McPherson

I am well into the Dandy Gilver mystery series, now – this is the ninth book in the series. I had to skip books three and four, I think, because my library didn’t have them! They don’t have the next few, either, so I am seeing what I can do with an interlibrary loan. IContinueContinue reading “The Reek of Red Herrings – Catriona McPherson”

A Gift of Sanctuary – Candace Robb

Robb seems to be getting a little more morose with her writing, as we lost Brother Wulfstan in the last book and have another tragic demise here. We also see the return of an old frenemy of Owen’s – but no spoilers!     In A Gift of Sanctuary, Owen Archer (spy for the Archbishop ofContinueContinue reading “A Gift of Sanctuary – Candace Robb”