Symptoms of Death – Paula Paul

In The Symptoms of Death, we are introduced to Dr. Alexandra Gladstone, a female doctor with a special license to practice medicine, who has inherited her father’s practice. She’s at a weekend party that the local earl is hosting when a hysterical maid bursts into the dining room brandishing a kitchen knife, saying that she’sContinueContinue reading “Symptoms of Death – Paula Paul”

To Shield the Queen – Fiona Buckley

I’ll be honest; I procrastinated checking this book out from the library because I didn’t like the cover. I feel, in that respect, that I did the book a disservice – it’s unfair to not want to read a book because the cover art is bad, just like you shouldn’t feel bad about disliking aContinueContinue reading “To Shield the Queen – Fiona Buckley”

The Lost Boys of London – Mary Lawrence

I was given an ARC of Mary Lawrence’s The Lost Boys of London by the author herself – thanks, Mary! This novel is the fifth and final novel in the Bianca Goddard mystery series. It comes out on April 28, which means that you all are less than a month away from reading this well-writtenContinueContinue reading “The Lost Boys of London – Mary Lawrence”

Secrets in the Stones – Tessa Harris

I felt obligated to read this book since I have read all of the others – although, to be honest, I just skimmed the previous one. This is the latest and, I think, last book in the Dr. Silkstone series, I am happy to report. I wrote a really positive review of The Lazarus Curse,ContinueContinue reading “Secrets in the Stones – Tessa Harris”