Ghost Talker – Byrd Nash

While the luminous ribbon on the cover might not be that inspiring, Ghost Talker was a very pleasant read. It’s short, if you’re looking for a quick read, and is witty and engaging. The premise of a ghost talker isn’t anything new, but this sounded interesting, especially since it was set in France rather than my usual England. 

Madame Elinor Chalamet is a ghost talker: someone who can commune with the dead. She’s in demand in certain circles, and those who aren’t skeptical find her very useful, including, sometimes, the police. She’s called to read a body in front of a nobleman, who needs to be convinced that she’s sincere in her talent. Although not totally convinced, once she reads the body, the Duke de Archambeau cannot let her leave for fear that she will give vital secrets away. Madame is effectively put under house arrest in the Duke’s residence. Between the shenanigans of seeing clients in his home, possessions by poltergeists, and the sheer audacity of being under house arrest, Ghost Talker is a whirlwind of a read. 

In all honesty, the little banner at the bottom of this cover did not impress me. I feel like that graphic is more of a YA series feature than adult. But, I wouldn’t place this book in the Young Adult category. However, that is a minor detail and one that’s pretty insignificant. I also just realized while writing this post that the Duke de Archambeau should maybe be “Duke d’Archambeau?” But I only took basic French so that is more of a general wonder than a criticism. 

I so enjoyed that Ghost Talker took place in France… the culture, although it’s historical, is just a little removed and less rigid than English culture, and I really enjoyed that change. It was weird for Mme to be in the Duke’s household, but not that weird – it made the story a little more believable. Mme also mixed with some upper-crust society members while she was there, and this was strange, but again, not as strange as if it were happening in England. 

I thought the plot of the book was very interesting and multilayered; the murder mystery was well done and not as central as it could have been, but good nonetheless. There’s also a nice bit of romantic tension between Mme and the Duke, which I hope builds throughout the series. The paranormal aspect of the book and how Mme’s talent works is very good, and convinces the reader that she really does have a gift and her “competition” are all fraudsters. 

All in all, I was really pleased with Ghost Talker – it could have even been a little longer, for my taste. But, if you’re looking for a fast-paced, easy, and fun mystery with an element of the paranormal that will have more books in the series, this one is it. Enjoy!

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