Welcome to my book review blog! I love mysteries and am currently on a historical mystery kick, although I’ve started to work in a historical romance now and again. I started this review blog to tell someone other than my husband about what I’m reading because I tend to get really enthusiastic! I enjoy maintaining this blog and welcome any comments or reading suggestions. I have a lengthy TBR list but am always willing to add to it! I read novels that are already in publication, am a member of the Reedsy reviewing community, and am an active NetGalley reviewer.

  • The Assassin of Venice – Alyssa Palombo

  • Unladylike Rules of Attraction – Amita Murray

  • Locked in Pursuit – Ashley Weaver

  • The Persephone Code – Julia Golding

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  1. Hello Sam I Am,
    First off, I apologize for using your comment stream to pitch you for a review. I didn’t find any links to a contact form or social media. But since you love historical mysteries I wanted to put this out there for you.
    I write a historical mystery series set in the final years of King Henry VIII’s reign. Instead of focusing on the courtiers, the Bianca Goddard Mysteries center on the life of the commoners. Bianca is the daughter of a disgraced alchemist and survives by making medicines using her learned knowledge from her mother (a neighborhood white witch and her father). The Lost Boys of London is the fifth and final book in the series, but each book works as a stand alone.

    In this story, Bianca’s husband is fighting the Scottish rebellion for King Henry VIII while Bianca remains in London creating medicines for the sick. When a boy is found hanging from a church dripstone Bianca is consulted about a sole piece of evidence–a sweet-smelling cloth. Bianca suspects the murder may not be an act of impulse, but something far more calculated. And when her young acquaintance, Fisk, goes missing, Bianca fears he may become the next lost boy…

    It is 317 pages, and the release date is April 28.

    If you have room in your schedule, would you be interested in reading and reviewing it? I could mail you an ARC (I realize you are in the UK but that’s ok) or have Kensington send you a widget when the book is available on NetGalley in another month.

    Thanks so much for considering and have a great 2020
    Mary Lawrence

    1. Hi Mary,
      I’d love an ARC and I’d be happy to give your book a review – lots of opportunity for reading in these cold, winter months! It sounds right up my alley of Historical Mystery. I just went to your website and saw you’re on Instagram so let’s connect there.
      Thank you as well for pointing out the lack of contact ability – I will get to fixing that!!

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