Uneasy Lies the Crown – Tasha Alexander

I am almost caught up to the current Lady Emily novel! This is the 13th in the Lady Emily series, and it doesn’t disappoint. I’d commented in my review of a previous novel, A Terrible Beauty, that it felt like Alexander was revisiting old ground, and I had mixed feelings about that novel. Not soContinueContinue reading “Uneasy Lies the Crown – Tasha Alexander”

The Apothecary Rose – Candace M Robb

I’ve stepped about 500 years back in time from my normal historical mystery eras of Victorian and Regency to the 1300’s in York, England. The Apothecary Rose followed Owen Archer, a one-eyed former-army-captain-turned-spy, assigned to investigate the death of one of the Archbishop’s wards. Initially, I was not excited about beginning this book as IContinueContinue reading “The Apothecary Rose – Candace M Robb”

Murder at Half Moon Gate – Andrea Penrose

We first encountered the duo of Lord Wrexford and Charlotte Sloane in their first adventure, where they teamed up in order to clear Lord Wrexford’s name of a murder he didn’t commit. Wrexford knows that Charlotte is the person behind the infamous A.J. Quill political cartoons, her most valuable secret. Between Wrexford’s scientific knowledge andContinueContinue reading “Murder at Half Moon Gate – Andrea Penrose”

Title: A Grave Matter

Author: Anna Lee Huber With a sincerely punny title, Anna Lee Huber draws readers into the third installment in the Lady Darby mystery series. Complete with grave robbing, the Scottish mob, and a handsome partner-in-detection, this book is packed with the perfect balance of intricate mystery with a fortifying helping of romance. Don’t let theContinueContinue reading “Title: A Grave Matter”