Long Live the Baron – Nina Jarrett

I’m not sure how to start this review, to be honest. I try to be optimistic, but I struggled through Long Live the Baron; I would give it a maximum of two stars. The novel was promising based on the synopsis on BookSirens, but it fell apart pretty quickly for me. The characters were blandContinueContinue reading “Long Live the Baron – Nina Jarrett”

A Slave to Kings – Dodie Bishop

In the third book in the Silence and Shaows series, Dodie Bishop once again brings the drama and the heat with Raphael and Susannah Rossi. I’ve really been enjoying this series, and I hope this isn’t the last novel. I think it wrapped things up with Sam, but I’m hoping Bishop will continue the seriesContinueContinue reading “A Slave to Kings – Dodie Bishop”

Our Little Life – Dodie Bishop

I said in my review of The Other Side of Silence (the first in the Silence and Shadows, see review here) that I’d like to see a series stem from the book, and Bishop has fulfilled my wish! Great excitement was had when I saw Our Little Life available for review on BookSirens. I haveContinueContinue reading “Our Little Life – Dodie Bishop”

The Other Side of Silence – Dodie Bishop

Although I receive most of my ARC titles from NetGalley, I also belong to another review site called BookSirens, which I often forget to look at. I found The Other Side of Silence by Dodie Bishop on BookSirens, and am so glad I did. I ended up really enjoying this novel and was surprised atContinueContinue reading “The Other Side of Silence – Dodie Bishop”

A Gift of Sanctuary – Candace Robb

Robb seems to be getting a little more morose with her writing, as we lost Brother Wulfstan in the last book and have another tragic demise here. We also see the return of an old frenemy of Owen’s – but no spoilers!     In A Gift of Sanctuary, Owen Archer (spy for the Archbishop ofContinueContinue reading “A Gift of Sanctuary – Candace Robb”