Death and the Conjuror – Tom Mead

In the first of a full-length series of Joseph Spector novels, Tom Mead brings a classic locked-room mystery with Death and the Conjuror. As someone who recently watched all of Jonathan Creek, I was drawn to this novel about a trick designer who is recruited to solve crime. I thought this was a well-written, locked-roomContinueContinue reading “Death and the Conjuror – Tom Mead”

The Proposition – Madeleine Roux

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC of The Proposition by Madeleine Roux in exchange for an honest review. While not the most sensible of books, it was entertaining and had a decent romantic plot. I give this novel three out of five stars.  Clemency Fry has always forsworn marriage, following the advice of a feminist authorContinueContinue reading “The Proposition – Madeleine Roux”

Touchstone – Laurie R. King

Brought to us by the esteemed author of the Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell series, Laurie R King introduces Touchstone, a borderline thriller-mystery. I will admit up front that I’ve never read any Laurie R. King before, so this is my first exposure to her writing style. I’ve been debating about trying the Mary RussellContinueContinue reading “Touchstone – Laurie R. King”

Vienna Waltz – Teresa Grant

Vienna Waltz by Teresa Grant is 400+ pages, and, man, does it deserve that volume. This is the first novel in the Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch series, and it does an exquisite job introducing readers not only to the characters of Malcolm and Suzanne, but other, more minor, characters as well. Despite its length, eachContinueContinue reading “Vienna Waltz – Teresa Grant”

When Gods Die – C.S. Harris

I enjoyed this second installment of the Sebastian St. Cyr series much more than the first. The writing and plot were great in both, I just don’t care for the fugitive-on-the-run plot line. However, it was brave of Harris to use that for Sebastian’s debut novel, and I can’t argue it because it established allContinueContinue reading “When Gods Die – C.S. Harris”

The Apothecary Rose – Candace M Robb

I’ve stepped about 500 years back in time from my normal historical mystery eras of Victorian and Regency to the 1300’s in York, England. The Apothecary Rose followed Owen Archer, a one-eyed former-army-captain-turned-spy, assigned to investigate the death of one of the Archbishop’s wards. Initially, I was not excited about beginning this book as IContinueContinue reading “The Apothecary Rose – Candace M Robb”

A Brilliant Deception – Kathleen Fuller

“A Brilliant Deception” is anything but. The plot is thin, the romance weak, and the characters stereotypical. The upside is that it’s fairly short, so you won’t have to spend a ton of time not liking it – I read it in two-ish hours. I have to give Fuller a little bit of leniency, here,ContinueContinue reading “A Brilliant Deception – Kathleen Fuller”

Murder at Half Moon Gate – Andrea Penrose

We first encountered the duo of Lord Wrexford and Charlotte Sloane in their first adventure, where they teamed up in order to clear Lord Wrexford’s name of a murder he didn’t commit. Wrexford knows that Charlotte is the person behind the infamous A.J. Quill political cartoons, her most valuable secret. Between Wrexford’s scientific knowledge andContinueContinue reading “Murder at Half Moon Gate – Andrea Penrose”

A Royal Pain – Rhys Bowen

The title of this novel by Rhys Bowen is great foreshadowing for the plot – is the Royal Pain Her Highness, the queen of England and Georgie’s relative? Or is it the Bavarian princess the queen has tasked Georgie with entertaining? Or, is simply being royal a pain, as Georgie isn’t allowed to work forContinueContinue reading “A Royal Pain – Rhys Bowen”