The Devil in Music – Kate Ross

It took me three days to finish this book, and the only reason it took me that long was because I only had time to read in the evenings! It’s a pity when anyone passes away, but the loss of Kate Ross has done the literary world, especially, a great disservice. The Devil in Music is her final book in the Julian Kestrel series, and I could not be more disappointed that there are no more books to read. I’m mostly disappointed because the books weren’t finished on Ross’s terms, you know? She was forced to leave something so meaningful to her incomplete. 

I have read the rest of the Julian Kestrel books, and, my word, they were all stunning. This novel reveals more about Kestrel than any of the others have, and it’s for this reason that it’s so good (and so sad that there will be no more books). 

In this novel, Kestrel is trying to solve a four-and-a-half-year-old murder of an Italian Marchese who loved opera. On the same night he died, his mysterious protege named Orfeo disappeared, leaving the police with little doubt as to who committed the crime – but Kestrel isn’t so sure. With his companion Dr. McGregor, a host of servants, and an Italian family clamoring for justice, he strives to solve his most romantic case yet. 

Ross’s writing is incredible – the Italian countryside and political drama are well-depicted and involved, to say nothing of the characters. Each character is woven with such care and just enough detail to make them absolutely believable. Ross’s plot is intricate, her characters meaningful, and, even though we’ve just met the characters, their emotions ring true and resonate with readers. Ross is – was – a spectacular author, and if anyone ever tries to resurrect this series as a tribute, I will happily read the next novel.

—  I know this is a really short post, but this series was just SO AMAZING that I don’t have much follow-up! Mind-blown. How do I move on from this? Do any of you have suggestions for more excellent historical mystery series?

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