A Long(mire) Post

Title: Hell Is Empty Author: Craig Johnson I never expected to be so captivated by the Longmire series; I watched TV series on Netflix and decided to pick up the books. If you’re still watching the show, don’t worry about spoilers - just about the only thing the novels and film have in common areContinue reading "A Long(mire) Post"

Title: Death Comes to London Author: Catherine Lloyd

Author: Catherine Lloyd In the second book in the Kurland St. Mary Mystery series by Catherine Lloyd, readers are entertained in a humdrum way by “the season” in London. Lucy Harrington has arrived from the village of Kurland St. Mary with her beautiful sister, Anna, in hopes of finding her a suitable husband - andContinue reading "Title: Death Comes to London Author: Catherine Lloyd"

Title: A Grave Matter

Author: Anna Lee Huber With a sincerely punny title, Anna Lee Huber draws readers into the third installment in the Lady Darby mystery series. Complete with grave robbing, the Scottish mob, and a handsome partner-in-detection, this book is packed with the perfect balance of intricate mystery with a fortifying helping of romance. Don't let theContinue reading "Title: A Grave Matter"